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The Wonderful World of Water Kefir

One my better half’s friends, Marian, introduced us to milk kefir, a few years ago, and then another friend gave us some water kefir grains to try. I love the idea of kefir, strange little granules that make a drink … Continue reading

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Travel notes: the ‘Servidor’ or the ‘Coffin Hotel Door’

After I stayed at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City in May, I wrote a little review of my experience, and the most interesting comment was posted below it, just today. I had wondered: what’s with the door? I … Continue reading

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A flowering cycad on our balcony

As a Canadian transplanted to Australia, my wonder at the weird flora and fauna around here is likely to never wear off. Since cycads are subtropical or tropical, I wasn’t familiar with them, nor expected to have them on my … Continue reading

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Book Review: Ta-Nehisi Coates’s Between the World and Me

Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates My rating: 5 of 5 stars Forgive me, but I’ve become apathetic these days. I used to watch foreign movies with subtitles, and now most often watch Hollywood blockbusters. I watch less … Continue reading

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2016 in lists (art, books, entertainment, shows)

Concerts & Shows Defying Gravity, Theatre Royal: A collage of Stephen Schwartz with the composer on stage at the end of the show himself, it was really amazing to see top Broadway performers letting loose with these songs: Sutton Foster … Continue reading

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Drinking in Sydney: Coco Vodka

So, the question was: Would this tropical-inspired drink banish the feeling of Sydney winter? It’s been cold and wet here and what surprises people who move here is just how cold 10 degrees can feel when there’s no heating in … Continue reading

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Donating clothes to charity, Sydney

I come from a family that saves things. Anything that’s useful should never, ever be thrown away. However, of my three brothers, I’m the one who’s the clothes horse. So, it’s important that I get rid of clothes once in … Continue reading

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Food Diary: Kishimoto Japanese Restaurant, Vancouver

Kishimoto is a phenomenon in Vancouver with a line-up from right before it opens until it fills up and after. My brother and sister-in-law are obsessed with this place, and I can see why. It’s top-class Japanese food, presented with … Continue reading

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Food Diary: Battle of the Taiwanese Fried Chicken, Sydney CBD, Part 1

Taiwanese Fried Chicken has come to Sydney! I’m not sure I even knew it existed, except that suddenly there appeared an intriguing shopfront on Liverpool Street, heading into the City that often had a line-up. I decided I had to … Continue reading

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Thor and Freyja Playing

Because there are not enough kittens on the internet:

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