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First Class

With the advice of friends (thanks Randall), the determination of a born bargain-hunter (thanks Mom and Dad) and long experience of travel (that, I came into on my own), I discovered the crazy deal of a particular US airline that … Continue reading

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Concerts I’ve been too: pre-2010 archive

I made a list, mostly for myself of concerts that I’ve been to. The full list was getting unwieldy so let me put the pre-2010 ones in this post as an archive. Concerts that I found memorable enough to record … Continue reading

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Movie review: Frances Ha

Sometimes if I’m editing a piece of writing, my own or someone else’s, I’ll try to drill down to the main idea of it and discover it’s not there, and it slowly unravels. I’m not sure if this analogy works … Continue reading

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Archives: Shows I’ve Seen, pre-1999

I keep a record (too many records) of shows and books and other stuff. Mostly for myself, but I don’t mind having it in a public space. My list of show’s I’ve seen is so long as to be unwieldy … Continue reading

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Book Review: Chandler Burr’s “You or Someone Like You”

You or Someone Like You by Chandler Burr My rating: 2 of 5 stars I do like the process of reviewing, as it helps me organise thoughts, pay more attention, and try to delve into material in an intelligent way. … Continue reading

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A minor operation

A recount of last week’s operation and encounter with the Australian healthcare system. Warning: Whinging. Graphic. Oversharing. Have you got someone to take you home? Before the operation, upon arrival and after you wake up, they ask, sometimes repeatedly: ‘Do … Continue reading

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My New Keepcup: The Reuse Revolution (again)

I ordered my new keepcup online and it arrived last week. I had one already, but have decided lately I really want a LARGE coffee and so needed a proper large cup to match. I’m completely amused by Keepcup’s website … Continue reading

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Shows I’ve Seen – 2012 and before

Mainly as a record for myself, I keep a list of shows I’ve seen – musical theatre, cabaret, dance and plays – big shows and little shows, but memorable for some reason or other. Here’s my archive from 2012 and … Continue reading

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