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The annoying people of Gumtree

I hate the idea of things going to landfill. And I love the idea of putting things in their right place. I’ve always been like that. My Mom composted before anyone else did. Before roadside recycling, my parents bundled up … Continue reading

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Donating clothes to charity, Sydney

I come from a family that saves things. Anything that’s useful should never, ever be thrown away. However, of my three brothers, I’m the one who’s the clothes horse. So, it’s important that I get rid of clothes once in … Continue reading

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It’s not me, it’s you: Office: Mac 2011 = Crazymaking

4 Feb 2013 As an editor, and a mac user, the main tool of my trade is Office: Mac 2011. I wish I had a better tool. Regularly, my documents will suddenly show me a blank dialogue box. Then the … Continue reading

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Remember postcards? That you send through the post? I still see them for sale, but does anyone send them anymore? I certainly don’t. I remember a short phase where e-postcards were created. But it was still easier to just find … Continue reading

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Christmas in Vancouver: Famous

My latest theory is that it was because I was the youngest child. Being the centre of attention, so cute and precocious, I somehow long had the idea that I would be famous. It’s odd to admit that I fantasized … Continue reading

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Throwing out tape cassettes

I go back and forth: should I just throw away things that I don’t need… and the past is past. Do I hang on to them even when I don’t need them (hopefully not, surely not)? My early writing history … Continue reading

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