Boldface Editing and Writing

Since 2010, I’ve worked as an editor, proofreader and occasionally a copywriter. I decided to call myself ‘Boldface’, which was much more interesting than ‘Quan Consulting’ which I was using.

My pitch was:

Do you need effective and professional editing services? Join my valued family of clients ranging from the City of Sydney and UNDP to UNESCO, UN Women and EY. You’ll benefit from my extensive experience as an editor and writer. I specialise in editing and writing text that is clear, convincing and error-free, as well as in translating technical documents and complex policy into language accessible to general readers. Whatever the medium or the message, I’ll make your words better.

Now, as of 2023, my career is well-established. I have as many clients as I want (and lately have to turn down new clients because I have too much work). Because of this, it’s no longer useful, I think, to have a separate website to promote my work (which I had at Still, I find it difficult to entirely discard things, so I’ll be moving over some of the material from there to here, including my blog posts (under categories, click on ‘editing & work’ to find them). And I’ll soon be winding down the website and directing work contacts to my LinkedIn profile, which I think should serve any purpose needed.