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I switched web hosting! Part 1. Leaving Site5.

So, my yearly web hosting expires in February. I’d finally noticed that for the last many years, the price for web hosting on Site5 is much higher than other competitors. My problem was that I got it, and then just … Continue reading

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How to refill a long lighter

(Originally posted 14 December 2017): Does anyone else have this problem? I’ve never liked cigarette lighters. I spin the little metal dial, get the flame up, and then when trying to light my tea lights (which is the main reason … Continue reading

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Book Review: Byron Katie’s Loving What Is

Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life by Byron Katie My rating: 4 of 5 stars In November 2015, I seemed to have marked this book as being on my shelf, and having read it, and I … Continue reading

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Product review: Nanobag (reusable shopping bags)

When I shop, particularly for something new, or from a source that I’m unfamiliar with, I usually try to find reviews. What I want is to read a convincing voice that says: yes, you are making the right decision. Or: … Continue reading

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Why we like the writers we do … or not

The pages of the print-out are dated 13 January 2009, in fact, more precisely than that: 12:01pm. It’s an article that I liked in from 2002. I suspect that years after I first read it (I was reading a … Continue reading

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COVID-19 lockdown cocktails

Um. We’re in lockdown. COVID-19. This would seem to be a good time to have a cocktail. Since what else are we going to do? (Rhetorical question: don’t answer it). So, the biggest success so far has been pre-mixed negronis, … Continue reading

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Travel tips: BagBNB, Luggage Hero and Luggage Storage

What is the world coming to? Do they still use that phrase? It used to be that this was said in a negative way, i.e. what crazy negative thing has happened in the present that makes you wonder how the … Continue reading

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Is the United World Colleges worth it?

A friend from university wrote and said: “My daughter just got into UWC. Please tell me that UWC is worth it.” So, having attended Pearson College from 1986 to 1988, I can answer the question, at least from my perspective, … Continue reading

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The annoying people of Gumtree

I hate the idea of things going to landfill. And I love the idea of putting things in their right place. I’ve always been like that. My Mom composted before anyone else did. Before roadside recycling, my parents bundled up … Continue reading

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Men’s Clothes in Rome: Used, Resale and Vintage

My post about finding high-quality men’s designer resale clothes in Paris is one of my most viewed sites on my blog. So, I thought I’d do a similar one for Rome, but only being there for a few days (in … Continue reading

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