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I’m the author of four books, a musician, a reiki practitioner, a husband, an uncle, a traveller and now settled down. I was originally born in Vancouver, Canada, and now live in Sydney, Australia. I started www.andyquan.com many years ago, primarily as a way to promote my writing, but it expanded to included my music, community activities, photos of my niece and nephew, and my reiki practice. I had a separate blog on blogger for a few years, but then combined my blog and webpage after figuring out how to do with wordpress. My blog here on andyquan.com is a mixed bag: mostly restaurant reviews these days (food: I love it) but also book reviews, travel, consumer tips, creative non-fiction and occasionally, news on writing projects. Welcome to my webpage and thanks for the visit. Have a look around! Andy in Surry Hills Details, details

I was born in Vancouver, B.C. , a Cancer by Western Astrology and a Cock by Chinese. I’m third-generation Chinese-Canadian through my father’s family (who settled in Vancouver) and fifth-generation Chinese-American through my mother’s family (who settled in Hawaii) and obtained my Australian citizenship in 2007.  I lived in Vancouver until 16, when I won a scholarship to attend the United World College, Pearson College, in Victoria from 1986-88. I did a bachelor’s degree in International Studies at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario from 1988-1993, taking time off in between each year to do the Ontario/Ecuador exchange program of Canada World Youth in 89-90 and attend the International People’s College in Elsinore, Denmark in the fall of 1991, before I travelled Europe for the first time and then worked at Expo’92 in Seville, Spain.

On completing my first degree, I did a master’s degree in political science at York University in 93-94, focusing on international political economy, lesbian and gay studies, and feminist politics. My professional career began as the coordinator of the International Lesbian and Gay Assocation in Brussels, Belgium from 94-96 where I travelled extensively, including to Brazil, Japan, Russia and throughout Western and Eastern Europe. I moved to London at the start of 1997 and worked as the project manager of Rubberstuffers (RS Health Ltd), a gay men’s education agency which provided condoms and lube packs to gay men in London. I have lived in Australia since the start of 1999. I worked for about 7 years as the International Policy Officer for the Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations with a cross-over period of time where I worked as the project manager for Asia (and for a short time, Eastern Europe/Central Asia) for the International Treatment Preparedness Coalition’s  HIV Collaborative Fund project. In the last decade, I have a new career as a freelance editor, and in the last years as a part-time reiki practitioner.  You’ll find more information on the site about my writing and music, and through the blog, whatever else is on my mind. Anything else? Just ask.

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Andy in Mackey StreetThis website started up in the middle of 2001. The rather amazing Kenny Campbell was the person who provided the original design and layout for this website, and taught me how to get it online! When I needed a host and lots of good IT advice,  Tim Mansfield provided it, as well as coaching me on figuring out the upgrade to WordPress in 2011, and designing my old landing pages. Thanks Timster!

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  1. Anna Maguire says:

    Hi Andy
    Just thought I’d mention I got 404 errors when I tried to look at your pages on myspace and youtube. Very interesting site and great poetry! Email me if you want to meet up for a coffee and a chat sometime!

  2. ken mason says:


    My partner and I are considering a longer than usual trip to Europe. Starting in Amsterdam and ending in Edinburgh. We will be stopping in Paris and London as well. I’m interested in doing a small amount of shopping at the used and resale clothing stores you spoke of. Are they still doing business and would you put any others on your list?

    Don’t speak any French, so I was wondering if there are tours that would cover men’s shopping?

    Thanks for any help or suggestions.

    Best to you and your

    ken mason
    ( kapm )

    • andyq says:

      Hi Ken

      I am pretty sure there are English-language women’s shopping tours, but I would doubt that they have them for men. The best thing to do would be to pick a few places on the list, and work it into your itinerary. As far as I know, all the stores I mention are open. The London one might have unusual hours so check their website before you go.

      Have fun! If you have any luck or other suggestions from your experiences, please feel free to post them here.

  3. Lisa says:

    Love ya Andy 🙂

    *looks at food posts on your blog*

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