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Restaurant Review: Caffe Sicilia

Caffe Sicilia, a fairly new restaurant on Crown Street in Surry Hills, confused me. When I first read about it, an Italian restaurant specializing in Sicilian food, I was interested. The reviews were good. When I saw that it had … Continue reading

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1992 Application Photo

I’m archiving again. I’m kind of always archiving. I used to have the excuse that it was because I was a writer, and I needed to hang onto that sort of thing. Now, I know how to both indulge that … Continue reading

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A few writer friends

On my old website, I had a little list up of some writers that I was friends with at the time…Nice to see that most of the websites still live. In the meantime, I’ve made friends with many more writers … Continue reading

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Restaurant Review: Beba Y Cene in the Carrington Hotel

Wow. What happened to Annie’s Bar? In my wayward youth, I know I stopped by the back bar of the Carrington Hotel for a drink or two. And it was a trashy place. Fun, but trashy. Now, completely transformed into … Continue reading

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New Website 2011

When discussing with my pal, Tim, about how to update our other website, our project on sexual racism, I realised that my own website badly needed updating. First of all, while I loved the animation on the front door, I … Continue reading

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A move to WordPress

I have to admit that I liked the name “Blogger” but since it won’t work to integrate with my webpage, WordPress it is.

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