Sydney Food Diary: My Duo Pie Chain, Ultimo

My assumption is that ‘chain’ meant that this is a chain of snackeries from somewhere in the world. I asked the guy behind the counter where the chain was from, and he said ‘China’. But since I can’t find anything on Google, except that the restaurant used to be called ‘CHUBBY GIRL’S BUNZ SHOP‘ (which is an awesome name, by the way), who knows?

There are rather a lot of different snacks here, and somewhat unfamiliar to me. Dorothy, we’re not in Canton. I’ve tried pig ear before, and spicy and salt baked poultry wings seem familiar enough but that photo of the beef and trip with chilli oil, or the spiced duck neck, look pretty exotic.

I just wanted a snack. There were two kinds of pies you could get, something smaller for $2.50 and a larger one for $5. I opted for a big cumin lamb pie (also a flavour that would definitely come from Northern Chinese food rather than the south). It tasted a bit like a Baked Bun (as opposed to a Steamed Bun) that I’m used to having filled with BBQ Pork, and not so delicate, no sweet glaze on top, and a bit of body to the bread part.

I thought it was OK. Not worth chasing down another time, and I thought $5 was a little bit steep for it. But by all means, if you’re on the stretch of Broadway perhaps heading up to Glebe, or heading down from Glebe to Central Park, why not try something and report back?

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