Restaurant Review: Pavillon Henri IV, St-Germain-en-Laye

We had the special lunch on new year’s day, and what a view, a sunny clear day. It couldn’t have been better. The formula was 67 euros without drinks. The entree was a foie gras escalopine and a fleurettes of celery-truffles. We thought it was delicious. Foamy, savoury, delightful and delicious.


The main was medallions of monkfish wrapped in bacon with winter vegetables and more truffles. I love the dense texture of monkfish, and thought it was lovely. My partner thinks you should never wrap bacon around fish!IMG_2634
It was a treat to be introduced to the ooey-gooey Mont d’Or cheese, we were given a big spoonful and a little salad.

IMG_2635And finally, I was not expecting much from the dull description ‘exotic fruit variations’ but the dessert, with multiple components, tasted exotic and tropical and delicious.


We were most impressed with the service, young, efficient and adorable, and it is a beautiful space… and Louis XIV, the sun king, was born there after all. And look, here’s the view (well, actually from our hotel room, but this is pretty much the view…)


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