Restaurant Review: Le Pourquois Pas, Paris

IMG_2763Paris’s outer arrondisements can seem a little far away, but they’re really not. To get them can also depend on train or bike route. To get home from Bagnolet in the 20th, my Vélib cycle is an easy 20 minutes, but getting there is a bit more difficult with one-way streets.

IMG_2760In any case, this is where a number of 5 rhythms dance classes are held, and as Marc
Silvestre’s Friday class finishes at 9:30pm, I thought I’d treat myself to a meal.

Hidden among Asian traiteurs (delis/caterers/take-out/trattoria) and Middle Eastern restaurants on Rue de Bagnolet is an unassuming cozy restaurant, as seen above, that had a small number of great reviews on Trip Advisor and Yelp. I’ll add to that positive acclaim.

IMG_2759I had a simple dish of pig’s cheek with a potato mash. I know I’ve had beef cheek before, and remember it being particularly tender. The pork was very tender but also had a nice bit of texture. It was very delicious. I had this with a quarter of Cote du Rhones and then, because the main was so delicious, decided to have a Moelleux de Chocolate, that was not exactly molten but nicely soft and melting in the centre.



I felt extravagant and decided to finish with a lovely armagnac. As you can tell, I was very pleased with myself, for finding a great restaurant, and having a perfect humble French bistro meal.

Even surpassing the food was the service. I really love the slightly formal but gracious service of some of the French bistros; it felt like the gentleman was the owner or manager. A relatively simple and quick meal but I felt like I was treated like a king.

Le Pourquoi Pas
17 rue de Bagnolet, 75020 Paris

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