Food Diary: Steersons Steakhouse, Sydney


King Street Wharf is a strange location for us to eat. It feels a bit touristy, and not particularly inviting. But my better half’s parents were staying at a hotel nearby before their cruise, and this was in the right location.

Obviously, the specialty is steak. And I’m not sure I’ve chosen this a prime rib like this as a main course in Australia. What to say? Described as a Havericks Dry Aged Beef [Dry Aged for 6-8 weeks], NSW Riverina Rib on Bone (MSA) Pasture Fed, 400g. It was $50 but the menu says $49.90. It was beautifully grilled on the outside, medium rare on the inside as I’d asked for. It came with a great jus, the potato chips were crisp. It was honestly too big for me, the crazy pleasure of the fat and protein and charcoal at the start was fading by the end, just because there was so much of it.

My dining companions were pleased with their Beef Wellington and a lady steak… and for an appetizer we had the fanciest pastizzis ever, beef cheek and a sweet carrot purée. No room for dessert. Ah, adorable French waiter, friendly in an Aussie-restaurant way, a contrast to the very different reserved service we were getting in Paris a few months ago. And sitting on the deck, in front of the harbour, with the evening summer light was really quite magical. All this and I got to use my Entertainment Guide coupon (now on my Iphone).

Steersons Steakhouse
King Street Wharf, Sydney

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