Food Diary: Sepia, Sydney

Crazy dessert at Sepia

Crazy dessert at Sepia

September 2013, I took a colleague out to Friday lunch at Sepia to thank her for her professional kindness, and she arrived to tell me big and wonderful professional news. It was a great occasion to eat somewhere I’d heard of for ages and wanted to try.

Since then, the reviews and notices keep coming. The restaurant is lauded and loved.

I’d agree. This menu was so interesting and engaging.

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What I remember very clearly was not just how delicious the food was, but that every dish had a really interesting textural element. The dishes were complex with many elements, but didn’t seem fussy or overcomplicated, and had a wow factor.

The dessert above was the biggest wow factor for me. A dozen different rich flavours of chocolate and other delights: ‘Spring chocolate forest’. My god, I dreamt of this afterwards.

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