Food Diary: La Cuchara de San Telmo, San Sebastian, Spain

pintxos - 7In August 2014, I had the most stunning pintxos I’ve ever had. This is partly because although I’ve had many tapas, as they’re known in most places, I’ve not spent time in Northern Spain where they call them pintxos.

pintxos - 2But this place was just ridiculously good. Absolutely packed from about ten minutes after it opened, a crazy wonderful and buzzy atmosphere, and amazing folks behind the bar sending out food and wine, and the two times I went, the fellow behind the bar remembered my name and took great care of me.

pintxos - 4We managed to try a lot of dishes. The goat’s cheese, veal cheeks, pig’s ear, calamari or squid, pork belly, fish and foie gras, I believe were our choices (or at least the ones I took photos of). If you’re ever in San Sebastian, this is the place to go…

pintxos - 1  pintxos - 3  pintxos - 5 pintxos - 6

Ah, but wait, there’s more. I said we went back a second time, didn’t I? This allowed us I think to try basically everything on the menu!

pintxos 2 - 1 pintxos 2 - 4pintxos 2 - 5pintxos 2 - 2    pintxos 2 - 6pintxos 2 - 3 pintxos 2 - 7


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