Food Diary: Orange, Surry Hills, Sydney

IMG_3462So, I was thinking of correcting the colour of the photos here, but the thing is: the name of the restaurant is orange, the waiter was wearing an orange apron, there were fake oranges hanging as decoration from the trellis outside and yes, the lighting is kind of orange.

And the food, at this tiny restaurant, only open for four months? Well, it was pretty darn good. The Korean Fried Chicken was stunning: perfectly crispy and light. I liked the radish vegetable strips, the two different dipping sauces and that unlike a few other Korean restaurants in town, I didn’t have to guess which KFC to try. While usually there are about 4 or 5 different varieties, the choices here are: medium and large.


The various kim chee and pickled accompaniments were fine. Tasty. Nothing special.

We had a very nice bibimbap in a very hot bowl so the bottom of the rice became crunchy before we could finish it. Mmm…

We had lamb skewers in five spice, recommended by the waiter. A bit sweet. Tender. Quite nice.

Oh, and the homemade pork and shrimp dumplings, lightly pan-fried were really very good. They tasted homemade.


All in all, we were quite impressed. It didn’t taste modern, but rather traditional. Cheap and cheerful. A menu that was big, but not too big (and confusing), and would tempt me back another time.

$60 for the two of us, and while we didn’t drink that night, looks like there’s a nice selection of Korean beer, and other grog. Thanks for the recommendation, Larry! It was a good one.

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