Sydney Food Diary: Devon, Surry Hills, Sydney

IMG_3455Am I behind? Like really, really behind? I stumble on these reviews for the Devon which went from one location on Surry Hills to another on Danks Street. By the time, I try it, hidden in that strip of restaurants on Devonshire between Elizabeth Street and the entrance to Central Station, I find out it’s been there for TWO YEARS.

Two years during which I could have more of the above breakfast, delicate salmon, a tasty radish salad, smoked eel croquette and one of those fancy eggs cooked at a particular temperature. OK. It was $25… but it was absolutely stunning.

My pal liked his much simpler dish, and I spotted a cronut at the counter, the first time I’ve seen one in Sydney. When I express surprise that they’ve been around as long as they have, the waiter humours me and says it’s because the chef is famous, having worked at Guillaume, and the other location is getting attention.

For months afterwards, I try to stop in and get a cronut but find out they only make them at a certain time and then eventually not at all. No cronut for me.


And in January, my in-laws from Perth go here, not because of my recommendation but because of Zomato reviews. They rave about the French Toast and fairy floss, but my god it looks sweet. By the time, I get there, my salmon blini is perfectly fine (and absolutely beautifully presented). Love this place…

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