Food Diary: Brickfields, Sydney

IMG_3537 I consider it a good thing to have to look up the names of food on a menu and for three items in both of the amazing ‘plates’ at Brickfields for lunch on Sunday, I did. My plate of kisir (a Turkish side dish with bulgur, parsley and tomato paste) was surrounded by some sour skordalia (a greek puree), some beautiful roasted carrots, deep purple not orange, and a generous handful of fresh herbs. Such a pretty dish, so tasty and unusual.

IMG_3540My pal had an egg on smoky eggplant, on toast, with a middle eastern sauce called zhoug. He loved it too.

IMG_3538It was packed when we were there, and their bread, pastry and sandwiches also looked superb. What an interesting and great place, tucked away on Cleveland Street, between Regent and the university, not really a pretty area but they’re making it charming!

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