Food blogging: I’m Number One!

Well, this is a surprise. So, I think I’ll allow myself the obnoxious headline. Today, I seem to have ascended to the top spot of food bloggers on Zomato.

Now, is this a great accomplishment? Perhaps not. At a Christmas gathering of food bloggers, Chocolate Suze and Grab Your Fork (Helen) reported that the number of food bloggers in Sydney drops every year (as opposed to the food instagrammers who I think are on the rise). Many food bloggers have abandoned Zomato; I heard they’re getting more perks, whatever those are, from True Local.

View my food journey on Zomato!

But I like Zomato. I can count on it to give me a good impression of whether a restaurant is worth trying or not, and to see what other folks have said, with a truly wide range of people who are leaving reviews and blogs. And in any case, I got hooked early. When Eatability was shutting down (which was great, until it got bought out), I transferred my reviews to Zomato and suddenly became one of their top ten bloggers. While I don’t take it too seriously, it is a fun little game that encourages me to blog regularly.

I’ve been hovering around the middle of the pack for a long time, but I ate out so much with my family over the holidays… and continued to do so… that I’ve done rather a lot of reviews lately.

I wasn’t sure what happened, but I now know that ‘Does My Bomb Look Big In This?’ (a wonderful and incisive food blogger) pointed out to Zomato that the scoring system for Sydney was screwed up; the former #1 (Sir and M’lady) had maintained the same score without any new blogs in about a month.

Anyways, while it seems like this might go up and down by the day (continuing my friendly competition), for a moment (and possibly longer) on 24 January 2018, I was number one…

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