Coffee in Sydney: Whole Meal Cafe, Taylor Square

First of all, props to the Whole Meal CafĂ© for opening up right at Taylor Square with an offering of healthy food (‘Vegan!’ shouts their chalkboard). This isn’t a spot I’d expect nutrition, surrounded by so much alcohol and decadence. But of course, folks in the Eastern Suburbs purport to be healthy and go to the gym an awful lot.

I just stopped by to treat myself to a coffee and then decided to half a little sweet treat. They are too healthy to have my favourite indulgence, a caramel slice, but the chocolate granola bar was sweet, tasty and didn’t taste healthy (that’s a compliment). And my coffee was just fine.

The ambience was comical: a lovely sunny day, and to one side, a tranquil view of Taylor Square, a little too hot to be busy. But on the other side, in front of the convenience store and the nightclub ARQ, there were a bunch of rowdies sitting on the sidewalk and milk crates shouting at each other, drunk, and possibly having an argument. Ah, Sydney.

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