A move to WordPress

I have to admit that I liked the name “Blogger” but since it won’t work to integrate with my webpage, WordPress it is.

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  1. andyq says:

    I got this mysterious message in response to this posting on my old blog:

    “Hi Andy.

    I will suggest you to not to shut down your current blog. As it is already indexed by google, your traffic may reduce in new WordPress setup.

    Instead, you can re-direct the blog posts of this blog to respective posts on new WordPress blog.
    refer this guide: http://bloggertowp.org/migrate-from-blogger-to-wordpress-best-tutorial/

    And you know, he was right! I didn’t need to shut down the old blog, just use their not too difficult program so that if anyone is directed to the old blog, they magically teleport here. Thanks Gajanan!

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