A few writer friends

On my old website, I had a little list up of some writers that I was friends with at the time…Nice to see that most of the websites still live. In the meantime, I’ve made friends with many more writers than these… who have their own wikipedia and Facebook pages, and websites and blogs. Feel free to add links in the comments section.

  • My pal George Ilsley, published the fabulous novel “Manbug” and has an amazing website.
  • My pal Marshall Moore, author of Concrete Sky, other novels in the works, and many short stories – we’ve somehow ended up side by side in a few different anthologies.
  • One of my first reviews ever was from Jameson Currier, a talented writer of short stories and erotica, and a novel. It was great to finally meet him at the Lambda Awards in New York many years ago. Pay him a visit.
  • Ian Young is probably Canada’s first important gay poet. He kindly sent me one of his books while I was at university and I had the privilege of getting to know him a little. He now sells books too!
  • Steve Kluger is a friend I got to know by e-mail and then finally met in San Francisco in 2005. He wrote the wonderful “Last Days of Summer” and has latest novel is “Almost like being in love.”
  • Mitch Cullin is a friend I’ve never met. His book “Tideland” has been made into a movie. He’s written a ton of books – the last one which I’ve seen great reviews for all over the place.
  • At the time, my old writing buddy, Michael V Smith, didn’t have a website up, but he does now, and has a new book coming out. How cool.
  • John Barton was a great influence on me – he was a terrific editor for my 2nd book of poems, but helped me out on other poems during my career and provided gentle encouragement. And his writing is amazing.


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2 Responses to A few writer friends

  1. Adam Aitken says:

    Hi Andy

    I am at the Keesing studio in Paris and discovered your restaurant reviews. There’s entertaining and really helpful. I didn’t know you were foodie!

    I have only been in Paris a few days but have another 5 months, so I will try to visit some of the bistros you wrote up.

    Hope you are writing lots.


  2. andyq says:

    Hey Adam. What fun that you’re in Paris for so long. For a special occasion, I recommend L’Astrance… I’ll try to find my photos from a few years ago to make another blog post, it was sensational.

    I actually started a blog entry on how I became a foodie –which may still go up– except that I realised that in these Masterchef days, everyone is a foodie!

    (and as a hey, to everyone else, Adam is a fine poet, and is an excellent addition to the above list as one of my current writer friends. Check out his blog at: http://adamaitken.blogspot.com/)

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