Sydney Food Diary: The Isle Greek Mezze Bar, Darlinghurst

IMG_5615 A newly opened taste of the Greek Islands

It’s apparently only been open for two months… so new that Zomato didn’t have a listing. We ran into friends who’d just eaten at Harumi on Victoria Street, and we were at a loss of where to eat. One of the cursed places on the corner of Liverpool and Victoria Streets (cursed because it’s changed hands so much) seemed closed; on the other corner, the new Japanese place, replacing the Argentinean grill, seemed like it was serving pretty regular food. We were searching.

Our pals told us to come here and that it would be like a little piece of the Greek Islands. That it was.

IMG_5616Very impressive how they’ve created this fun little tropical Mediterrean feel in the middle of Darlinghurst and it felt authentic, not tacky. Although our friends said the mezze meal is incredible, we ended up splitting the meat platter.

So, the thing is, and you can see this, it could have been a disaster. Meat platters usually have too much food on them, and there are so many things that the potential for mediocrity is great. How does a meat platter stand out? Well, the fries for one, were absolutely crisp and magically stayed that way for nearly the whole meal. And then, each and every piece of meat, from the meatballs to the skewers to the lamb and the sausages, were all delicious. Really.

IMG_5617It was cheap too. Matched with a bottle of white wine, and we were really pleased. Weirdly, that night I woke up around 3am, dry throat, soooo thirsty. And then had to drink more water at 6am. I SMSed my pal and said: great meal, but I had this weird experience. He said that he felt the same, drank a whole bottle of mineral and then couldn’t get to sleep until about 2am. So, Isle, loved your food but what is that secret ingredient?

The Isle Greek Mezze Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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