Sydney Food Diary: Poolside Cafe @ Boy Charlton

We’re contradictory, aren’t we, human beings? We change our opinions about the same thing. We apply a certain set of reasoning in one situation and not in another. For example, the Poolside Cafe at Boy Charlton pool is a spectacular location. Spectacular. A tranquil view of Wooloomooloo (or the ships docked there). Eye candy in the form of athletic and sometimes preening Sydneysiders sunbathing or doing laps. The green of the Domain’s Yurong District to the west leading up to Mrs Macquaries Point.

In yesterday’s review, I was so grateful for the nice view of Bondi Beach from Moo Burgers, I said it really didn’t matter how the food was. But for some reason, I found some dissatisfaction at the Poolside Cafe between the contrast of how visually beautiful the food is and a lack of flavour.

My poached eggs in burnt sage butter was interesting with yoghurt, a contrast to the savoury oil. But there wasn’t a strong burnt sage flavour, and I was left in the end with a weird pool of butter. Husband’s fruit bowl looked beautiful but he felt there wasn’t any variation in the grain used and that it just wasn’t quite right.

And yet the service was warm and friendly. And the day was beautiful. Such a great location and such pretty food would seem to earn higher ratings on Zomato than its current score of 3.3. So it looks like others have felt the same contradictions.

Poolside Cafe @ Andrew 'Boy' Charlton Pool Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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