Sydney Food Diary: Phomo, Barangaroo

Man, I was full after the pho. Or should I say… I was pho-ll.

Heh, heh.

Phomo is a splash of colour along Wulugul Walk in Barangaroo. Since the specialty of the house was pho, that’s what we had. Husband had raw and cooked beef; and I had the beef combination (not noticing it had beef tripe in it, which I don’t mind, but explains why husband stuck to the other beef).

With lots of herbs and sprouts and sauce and a lemon slice, I thought the broth was delicious, the noodles appropriately slippery and I had a nice selection of beef things. I like interactive food, in any case. As a main, mine was $17.50.

We also split a plate of spring rolls, and my god: these were among the tastiest of the fried Vietnamese spring rolls that I’ve had lately. They tasted really freshly made, and luscious and crisp and meaty. Yum.

I’m pretty intrigued with this whole strip of restaurants. Thursday night and all of them (except the Indian place) were packed. I know it’s also packed at lunchtimes. After, we walked around the back, and the little strip of cafes and bars was pretty quiet; I can understand why you’d want to be next to the water and with the buzz.

Zomato reviews though seem really harsh in general. My guess is that they’re reacting to the prices, which seem a little higher than they should be (probably to cover the high cost of the rent). I’ve had good meals here though, and love the vibe. It’s great when developers can figure out how to make a restaurant district take off and I’d say this whole strip is a nice addition to Sydney’s dining scene. And if you drop by Phomo, have the spring rolls!

Phomo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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