Sydney Food Diary: Nudge Cafe, Surry Hills

Sometimes you pass by places because they just seem too easy to get to! Nudge is a cafe that I pass all the time on my way to Aldi or Vintage Cellars or the discount pharmacy in Oxford Village Square, and I’ve never stopped by. It’s a pretty casual stop off, not meant for a long meal. They seem to do a healthy trade.

This unusual day I was finishing my volunteer shift at GetUp! and was hankering for a treat before I headed home to give a reiki treatment. Nudge beckoned, and seemed an easy option. Plus, they offer a special for a bacon and egg roll, and a coffee, and how can I resist that?

While it’s true, the occasional bacon and egg roll surprises me and becomes a SUPREME example of a bacon and egg roll, I also find it hard to disagree with bacon and egg rolls in general. And so it was.

My coffee had coffee art. Much appreciated. The atmosphere was light and cheery. The service was pleasant. And indeed, my bacon and egg roll was tasty. Just what I wanted. $8 for the combo coffee and bacon and egg roll, and I could have also swapped out the roll for a ham and cheese croissant. Perhaps I’ll try that next.

Nudge Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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