Sydney Food Diary: McDonalds, 600 George Street

OK. Strike me dead.

I don’t know why McDonald’s is advertising in my social media feed, and the worst thing of course, is that I succumbed. I’ve always had a soft spot for Macca’s breakfasts, and the idea of a Chicken Brekkie Burger, with ‘Delicious barbecue sauce, sizzling bacon, melting cheese, a freshly cracked egg, crispy hash brown and succulent 100% Australian Chicken breast. All in a toasted sesame seed bun.’ Well, that sounded irresistible.

Except of course that EVERY single time as an adult that I’ve been to McDonald’s, I expect it to taste like a childhood treat, like innocence, like deep-fried capitalism … and instead, it is disappointing.

Not that this burger was disappointing. In fact, the crisp chicken patty, tasting like faux chicken, with a crispy hashbrown on top (always a favourite), and then with bacon and BBQ sauce, the egg and cheese slice barely noticeable: it was kind of amazing. And tasty. And I felt full of fat and carbs and calories for the entire rest of the day, and while I don’t need to EVER do that again, I’m glad I tried it.

In the meantime, that particular Macca’s, with the construction of the light rail still outside it, and in its location on George Street across from the cinemas. It was particularly grim.

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