Sydney Food Diary: Luxe, Woollahra

It feels a bit strange, and not like anything else I can think of in Sydney, to be surrounded in a little courtyard on all sides with luxury stores and Di Jones real estate looming over you. The diners at Luxe in Woollahra also seemed very luxe themselves: a watch or jewellery or fashionable piece of clothing that looked simply very expensive.

Looking over the menu, it felt pretty expensive, but we decided to share two items off the ‘sharing’ section of the menu. Things got off to a poor start. Considering the amazing coffee you can get in Sydney, the lack of coffee art on this seemed like a real fail.

And then the dish at the top of the page, well, we didn’t order it, pretty as it looked. But then things started to look up. I can’t find fault with truffle fries. These were delicious.

And then our share plate of charcuterie was a good portion and delicious, and all up for the two us, lunch was not as expensive as I thought. Zomato has taken away the ability to give half stars recently. I’ll lean towards a 4/5 rather than a 3/5 as the food really was quite OK.

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