Sydney Food Diary: Gami Chicken & Beer, Central Park Mall, Chippendale

Reader. Yes: I was crying.

We ordered the fried chicken, as recommended, where you get to choose two flavours. Correctly, I chose the original, because then you really get to appreciate the crispy coating. And they served it with a nice dipping sauce of some sort.

And then we opted for the spicy one, rather than garlic, because why not? And while it was really tasty and good, it was so spicy, I was crying. But I don’t mind a good cry.

Dinner for two here, unless you carry extra stomachs (like most Asian people), it’s hard to order a lot of dishes. We couldn’t manage any more besides the chicken and I noticed that other tables that HAD ordered more were unable to finish them.

The chicken came with a nice, small coleslaw. We could probably done with a little more of it to cut the heat.

I have read about this place, and I like the concept: a bunch of friends who decided that they would open restaurants to serve really good Korean fried chicken. Matched up with beer, with is perfect, I really can’t complain about a thing here. Nor can I imagine ordering anything else from the menu except the delicious chicken, even though there looks like there are quite a few interesting things.

The decor is bright, cheap and cheerful and people seem to be come to enjoy their eating!

Gami Chicken and Beer Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. They do some tasty dishes, really looking forward to going and trying some more. The chicken was very tasty.

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