Sydney Food Diary: Big Daddy’s Burger Bar, Darlinghurst

There was no way that we were ordering the food on offer at Karaoke World on Elizabeth Street. It looked nasty and overpriced. But, wow, were we ever hungry after an exhausting session of karaoke for Justin’s birthday. And I’d drunk too much without eating anything so was a bit tipsy.

Big Daddy’s Burger Bar came to the rescue, requiring no decision at all. It was there on our way home, we’d never tried it before and it’s loud design beckoned to us. I didn’t know it’s a chain, and there are six of them in Sydney. It’s an Australian creation, I think, though peddles Americana.

We both went for the Mac Daddy. A burger with macaroni and cheese. And bacon. And you know, I’m not sure I can be objective here. We were hungry. It was super tasty. It was just what we needed. And… the next day, expecting a hangover, I didn’t have one. I reckon all the alcohol got absorbed into those carbs and fat and I felt fit as a fiddle. So, to avoid a hangover: I highly recommend this burger.

[Update July 2019: It’s closed already! I should have had another one of those burgers before it shut down!]

Big Daddy's Burger Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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