Pieces (everyday life) (original song)

That plan to record and put up some of my old songs was stalled. No special reason really. I do want to do more, but I also think I should space putting them up! It’s so hard to get people’s attention these days.

I always liked this song. I wrote it in September 2006, which seemed a particularly creative month for songs.

I was a hoarder for a long time. Kept things hidden away, and hung onto old pieces of paper or keepsakes, for the nostalgia and sentimentality. And of course I also hung onto less tangible items: memories, friendships. I remember thinking at the time of writing this: what are the pieces that make up our lives?

Hope you enjoy it.

Pieces (Everyday life)

Here are the pieces of everyday life: a shoe, a cloth, a butter knife,
A pocket of change and an overdue bill, a magazine clipping, a vitamin pill.

And our little habits, all of our routines
The fuel in the motor that runs the machine

Did you stop, did you stare, are we getting somewhere?
Is it real? Did you feel?
Did you fall, did you call, did you give it your all
Did you steal? Did you deal?
Things we could not say… How you got away

So where do I stow away my little songs: a nest, the wind, with lock and key?
And all of my stories, where do they belong: the ground, a book, an acorn tree?

And the sun has come out after five days of rain
There is blue in the sky, there is all it contains

Did you fly, did you cry, did you say your goodbyes?
Is it so? Did you know?
Did you lie, did you sigh, did you turnaround? Why
did you go? Did you go?

Things I never knew… Things I wanted to.

Here are the pieces of everyday dreams: a ring, a rock, a football team
A lottery ticket, a knock at the door, a trip to the south, that tie you wore

And the world is as big and as small as can be
And it spins and it shines, do you see this with me?

Did you play, did you say, did you give it away?
Was it right? Was it kind?
Did you share, did you care, did it finally feel fair?
Was it good? Was it good?
Ways to say goodbye… Ways to wonder why

Joy and sorrow, grief and laughter
Blessings and mistakes
Wasted efforts, happy endings
Tears and lucky breaks…
Here are the pieces of everyday… life. Life. Life. Life. Ah, life.

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