Home cooking: Locomoco


The locomoco is a Hawaiian invention. It involves plain white rice (variation: Japanese white rice) with a burger patty on top (or two), and then a fried egg on top of that (or two), and over the whole thing: gravy. A lot of gravy.

My mom is from Hawaii so we used to spend every two summers there when I was a kid. A fast food locomoco was, I thought, a pretty marvelous creation, usually in big straight-sided styrofoam cup, which seemed just the right size for a scoop of rice, a patty, an egg and gravy.

If you can believe it, the texture of all these things together – runny egg yolk, egg white, gravy, rice, ground meat – works quite well indeed. Though I’m not sure I’d be able to convince anyone of that who doesn’t have already have a cultural association with the locomoco. My better half didn’t think it was awful though… particularly as my leftover lamb gravy was awesome.

While there are recipes up online, I’m not sure why you’d need them. It is as it, and how it looks. Bon appetit.

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