Grog Diary: Nordic Liqueurs

IMG_4274It’s a bit of an interesting timeline to learn that since we travelled to Sweden, Finland and Denmark in Oct 2013 that it’s taken us basically two years and four months to finish up two different bottles of Swedish liqueur. I mean, it’s true. We weren’t quaffing them, so it Sailingseems like we were measured and perhaps respectful.

Roslags’ Swedish liqueur ‘Sailing’ came in an attractive off-kilter bottle. Upon finishing it, I was too tipsy to have retrieved the bottle from recycling, where my enthusiastic better half had put it, to take a photo, so I have evilly stolen this from a site without credit (shoot me dead). The thing is that I think we were doing it wrong. Basically, a schnapps, it made a lovely pre-dinner aperitif to get the juices flowing. Its primary flavour is a seaside herb called buckthorne. Savoury and herbal, this was actually quite a nice drink, but I think it was a little lost if after a meal rather than before. A surf of the webs shows that it is not a particularly known or popular liqueur…

Our souvenir of Finland from the makers, Lignell & Piispanen, also came in a particularly attractive bottle, with a wide base and stylish shape. Cloudberry is a local delicacy so to make a liqueur out of it makes sense. It was sweet without being cloying, pleasant but not spicy or exotic or overly showy, perhaps like the Finns themselves. I rather liked it, and never figured out if there was any mixer or otherwise that it would have been nice to combine with.


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