Sydney Food Diary: Tim Ho Wan, Chatswood

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Ever since I found out there was a Michellin-starred Dim Sum house in Hong Kong, the most inexpensive Michellin-starred restaurant in the world, I’ve been recommending that friends go there if they’re in Hong Kong. I’ve never managed to get there myself. Cameron told me a wonderful story that the prices were so cheap, he reckoned that the prices were for individual items, so ordered numerous quantities of each… and then had to give away food to happy neighbouring tables at the end.

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I was very excited to find out that Tim Ho Wan has made it to Sydney, though it took me a while to get there. I’d heard the lines were terrible, and indeed they could have been. Except we were going to a friend’s photography exhibition and so went somewhere around 5:30 I think (on a weekday). We got a table without problem though by the time we left, there was a rather large queue already. So, all you haters who couldn’t appreciate the food because of the line, go when it’s less crowded!

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There are already a million photos of the individual dishes on the net, from the Sydney restaurant and other location… So, here are just a very few. Was it good dim sum (or yum cha as they call it in Australia)? Yup. Was it great? Yup. Did it blow my socks off so I knew why they got a Michelin Star? Not really. But with reasonable prices, and really very tasty food, I’m happy to give my recommendations.Tim - 4

And this: these famous baked pork buns. My friend Malu finds them too sweet, but I say ‘Nooooo’. There is a magical combination of sweet, savoury, crispy and soft.

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And I would go to Tim Ho Wan anytime for these. Though I liked most of the other dishes well enough, including my hot barley tea. Uh, I did think the Mango Pomelo Sago dish was weird; I was expecting something much nicer. But the Malaysian steam cake was delicious.

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