Food Diary: Pie in the Sky. Upper North Shore, NSW


First of all, if you’re looking for Pie in the Sky, this is the Pie in the Sky, formally in Cowan, though we were going for a drive near Berowra, which is also near Dangar Island and just inland from Palm Beach and Whale Beach.

It is not the Pie in the Sky in Victoria, near Mount Dandenong, which seems to have some fame, nor the Pie in the Sky Roadhouse in Belpin in the Blue Mountains, and not the Pie in the Sky Bakery in Erina. IMG_2960

This is the Pie in the Sky in Cowan with the slogan ‘unbeatable pies’ and rather a slick and shiny website. They also have good pies. And, being home to a bikie gang, or the preferred pie shop of a bikie gang, means some local colour too.

If you happen to be in the area, it’s a great place for snack. Their pies seem popular enough that they sell them as big whopping pies to take home. Raised in Canada, the frozen meat pies that I used to stick in the toaster oven, had a flakier butter crust, and there was something in the artificiality of the gravy and mince meat that I loved. So, while I thought it was a good pie, I’d have to defer to the authority of my Australian partner and his parents. His mom couldn’t believe how tender the meat was; my partner loved that the meat tasted like meat, and the gravy like gravy. I deduce from their comments that these are top-notch Aussie pies.

And a mighty good name for a pie shop.


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