Food Diary: Jonkanoo, Surry Hills, Sydney

IMG_3806It’s strange to say that I miss Caribbean food when I can’t say that I’m all that much an expert in it. Jamaican patties in Vancouver (possibly not the best) and superb rotis in Toronto (oh my god, these were amazing). I’ve tried various ‘jerk’ seasonings. In any case, with a weird Caribbean renaissance in my neighbourhood (now THREE restaurants), I can’t say I’m lacking now (though none of them have Caribbean rotis). However, our Thursday night meal at Jonkanoo was… amazing. I wasn’t expecting it to be soooo good, and now give it a high recommendation.

IMG_3807With a tropical beach shack feel, and staff who all have authentic accents and looks, the thing is: the food was amazing. The fish fins were a highlight: perfectly spiced, salty and crisp, what a surprise. I loved the goat curry, matching perfectly to the spiced peas and rice. The salad was tasty (usefully balancing so much rich flavour). And the jerk pork: my god, this was beautiful, fatty, charcoaled, salty. So this is why one makes a fuss over jerk seasoning, not just the spices but the technique.

IMG_3805Matched with a bottle of white wine that came in the fanciest wine cooler we’ve ever seen, and this was really a wonderful meal. But wait: there’s more. With Dimmi reservation IMG_3804system’s $50 voucher, the already very reasonable prices became ridiculously cheap. We tipped generously, and deservedly as the waiter advised us that we were ordering too much food. Now, when do you get a waiter who can give you honest advice like that?

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