Tokyo Food Diary: Ichiba Sushi, Tsukiji Fish Market

IMG_4016I don’t know what exactly will happen to these sushi restaurants with Tsukiji soon due to move to a new location. So, it was a MUST to take my better half (and myself) to morning sushi at the fish market, in the days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, 2015.

I had been recommended by my sister-in-law and brother to go to Sushibun, but it had a two hour wait, and my better half was NOT going to wait that long. The market was busy on 30 December (as it would be closed the next day).

IMG_4008So, I hopped in the line next door, thinking I’d take my chances. It was a much shorter half an hour wait, and we were in the door to Ichiba Sushi, the last sushi restaurant on the left when you are facing the busy row, and next to Sushibun).

We got a seat by the door, and it’s so charming to sit in these tiny sushi bars. If you look behind the sushi chef, the wall is worn from where his back has rubbed up against it, it’s that small.    IMG_4013 Choosing Menu B at 3000 yen (Menu A looked like it had Uni, sea urchin roe, not my favourite, and a few other more possibly challenging dishes), we had a beautiful selection of sushi with perfectly soft rice, amazing pickled ginger, and as expected, seafood so fresh that it really does taste different than anywhere else (except the other two times I’ve eaten at Tsukiji!). Also, a beautiful miso soup.

IMG_4015At my other times at Tsukiji, the sushi were served one at a time, so I think there was something a little less rushed and special about that. And if someone had offered me a IMG_4012place at one of the other super-busy restaurants without such a wait, I would have been curious to try them…

But I couldn’t find fault with this marvelous sushi breakfast, and what I think is a quintessential Tokyo tourist experience.

I can’t wait to go back again, our next trip to Japan.

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2 Responses to Tokyo Food Diary: Ichiba Sushi, Tsukiji Fish Market

  1. Dr. Somboon Bunyasiri says:

    Dear Sushi Ichiba – Tsukiji fish market,
    We (two persons) plan to have food at this restaurant again on 26 Sept. 2016 10.00 am. I am arriving Narita on 26 Sept at 06.15 am then go to Shinjuku Prince Hotel to leave my bag then come to Sush Ichiba. Could you book two seats at 10.00 am on 26 Sept 2016.

    Thank you very much
    Dr. Somboon Bunyasiri – Bangkok Thailand

    • andyq says:

      Dear Dr. Somboon. This is my blog, so I have nothing to do with Sushi Ichiba. Except that I ate their once, and enjoyed it. I don’t think they take reservations. Best wishes, Andy

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