Coffee in Sydney: Artificer Specialty Coffee, Surry Hills

Artificer is still going strong. There are no frills. There isn’t a lot of seating. But it’s obvious that the coffee is attracting the denizens of Surry Hills. It’s all about the quality.

I get it though. When I last did a review, about two years ago, I found my coffee too milky. As if reading my mind then, the barista asked me this time if I wanted two shots. Sure. $4.50 for a latte to sit down with; it was delicious and strong and just what I needed before I headed up to the Surry Hills Library to do a little work and blogging.

Review below from Feb 2016, apparently viewed 8,427 times on Zomato (before I delete it and try to convince them to update my review to the current one).


I like the concept: coffee, just coffee. No frills, limited seating, no food or other items. And it’s got a buzz: it’s one of the top rated coffee houses in Sydney on BeanHunter, and it always seems busy. The minimalist Japanese vibe matched with Surry Hills cool is a pretty good combo.

But my better half said that sometimes minimalism looks like a lack of effort… and man, those cushions inside are really stained and dirty-looking. As for the coffee, perhaps it’s not to my taste. It’s obviously quality and made my skilled baristas, but I found my latte too milky, so much that I didn’t get much flavour. Single Origin in Surry Hills is still my favourite…

Artificer Specialty Coffee Bar & Roastery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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