Drinking in Sydney: Earl’s Juke Joint

IMG_5363 I remember, back in the days, going into an old-style butcher’s, East European, with interesting jars and cans of things, and an array of meat behind the counter. I can’t remember if I got anything, as it was a bit unfamiliar to me, but I loved that it was there!

Flashforward to 2016 and now’s it a very cool bar called Earl’s Juke Joint. I was a bit disoriented coming in: it has that quality of light where (perhaps only older people can relate) you feel like you just can’t see that well. Like the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland, kind of a yellowish orange glow barely illuminating dark wood furnishings.

I had the Argentinean classic: Fernet & Cola. From a tap! Ten bucks, and I like the idea of an unusual, bitter liquor mixed up with my coke. But I couldn’t much tell the difference between that and say, a rum and coke, or vodka and coke. But it still tasted good.

IMG_5365I moved onto a Japanese white beer that had a cute owl on the label. My pal stuck with a darker beer that he was surprised cost $12 for the bottle, but had a second so obviously liked it.

And there is a new cocktail menu which hasn’t been put into action yet with tasty classics like negronis and aperol spritzes for only $12, I think, which is more than one ask for in terms of prices and cocktails in Sydney.

If that’s not enough, they reportedly have the nicest bouncer in Newtown, if not in all of Sydney. It would obviously be a crime if you didn’t try out this place, sometime in your lifetime.

Earl's Juke Joint Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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