Drinking in Sydney: Coco Vodka

So, the question was: Would this tropical-inspired drink banish the feeling of Sydney winter? It’s been cold and wet here and what surprises people who move here is just how cold 10 degrees can feel when there’s no heating in your apartment…

In any case, this Aussie food blogger received this fabulous four-pack in the post as a little gift to try.

I decided to break it out to start a dinner party with friends M and J.

All us thought it was a great drink. I have had negative experiences with alco-pops; mostly, I think they taste a bit artificial, too sweet and not the equivalent of what you would make yourself.

But this had a freshness about it, that yummy taste of coconut water, and with a hit of vodka, I thought it was delicious. Poured into cocktail glasses so we weren’t drinking out of a can, and it was even better.


J said it tasted like the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, not a bad thing, it’s just that to cover up all the smells of a casino, they spray some sort of coconut scent everywhere… I’ll have to take his word for it.

S said it tasted like the tropics, and good weather and I think both S and M said it reminded them of drinking Malibu. Though not in a bad way.

And finally, whether this is a good thing or a bad thing would depend on your perspective as M said you could easily drink it without thinking it’s an alcoholic drink, that vodka flavour is subtle.

Finally, I love that it’s an Aussie-made product. The website says they only use natural flavours, and a minimal amount of sugar. For a pack of 4, they’re less than a fiver each, and if you stock up, they’re less than $4 each for a two-four (as they say in Canada for a pack of 24). That seems remarkable value for me. I’d say, pour these for friends at your next dinner party, hide the cans (attractive though they are) and pretend you’re drinking $20 cocktails at a bar in Surry Hills.

Coco Vodka is sold in Dan Murphy’s and BWS. Check out their website… They’ve got a guava and pineapple flavoured one… and in a rum variety instead of vodka (called, appropriately, Coco Rum).  I’m looking forward to trying them.

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