Drinking in Sydney: Brix Distillers, Surry Hills


I love that there’s a moody little rum distillery in Surry Hills. Who doesn’t need a rum distillery, after all?

I met up with my old flatmate for a drink, and the menu almost tempted us into dinner: another night. But the Caribbean and Latin American-inspired dishes look awfully tasty. The menu of drinks is extensive, with cocktails and wine and flights of rum and then pages and pages of rum choices. For some reason, the backdrop of the menu is all X’s, some upright and some on their side, and I almost thought I was losing my sight. To remedy this, we had a cocktail each, and then…

Because we were at Brix, we thought we should do a little taster. For only ten bucks, you can try a sip of their white and gold rum (and a carafe of water with which to dilute said rum). I thought they tasted like… rum. I am obviously not a connoisseur. But it would be good to try one of the higher-priced flights and see what I can figure out.

Trevor liked his cocktail. I LOVED my cocktail. It was called the Long But Fat Like Buddha, and had Brix gold rum, Benedictine, Cointreau, a Blackcurrant Tea Syrup, Fever Tea Tonic and a Malbec Float. It didn’t taste complicated, more just a bit complex, with a nice sweetness but not too sweet, and a certain body. The touch of red wine didn’t really taste much of red wine, more like a hint of mulled wine, as it touched the other sweet ingredients. Anyways, did I say I loved it? I’ll be back.

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