Coffee in Sydney: Bowan Island Bakery, Zetland

Since I’m from Vancouver, Canada, which is not so far from Bowen Island, the name Bowan Island caused me to do a double-take. But internet research is offering no illumination. Aside from the name of a bakery that has become renowned for sourdough, is there actually an island named Bowan in Australia? We stopped here for coffee, trying out East Village for groceries (partly because it’s near Peter’s of Kensington where I wanted to pick up something). In fact, we found the Taste Growers Market very appealing indeed with their fresh fruit and vegetables and other high-quality groceries, but I suppose that’s a review for Yelp rather than Zomato, isn’t it?

In any case, Bowan Island Bakery seems to be THE place to get coffee (there were one or two other casual, tiny stands). This one is big and well-lit and was busy and is very, very appealing in terms of the visuals: pies, bread, pastries. All looking very yummy. But I’m trying the keto diet at the moment so opted just for coffee. And…

In Sydney, coffee art is so common, I gets the sadz when my latte looks like this. Oh well. It tasted fine.

Bowan Island bakery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. Roger says:

    Absolutely 😮 bad
    At the counter ordering and while there I wanted to alter part of my order
    The cashier said I could not change the order because it was already made even though I had not finished ordering or paying
    So I accepted the original order and then waited 20 mins to get it spinach and feta picked microwaved and Unedible very disapointed

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