Coffee in Paris: KB at the Beans on Fire, Bastille

IMG_5007 IMG_5006So, boohoo, we left our cute AirBNB in Montmartre, where we were a stone’s throw away from South Pigalle, where we hung out at our favourite coffee place of this trip, KB.

But fortune was smiling upon us. On the weekends, KB takes over a cafe that was only a block or two away from our new AirBNB near Bastille. The Beans on Fire looks pretty cool, in any case, and has good ratings on Yelp… But serving up our favourite coffee and sweets by KB: from boohoo to woohoo!

On our last morning in Paris, we hung out here at a table outside. There’s a pretty park nearby too. We watched a large flock of cute five-year-olds (that’s my guess) walking along holding hands. Adorable.

7 rue du Général Blaise
75011 Paris
11ème, Chemin Vert/Richard Lenoir

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