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Food blogging: I’m Number One!

Well, this is a surprise. So, I think I’ll allow myself the obnoxious headline. Today, I seem to have ascended to the top spot of food bloggers on Zomato. Now, is this a great accomplishment? Perhaps not. At a Christmas … Continue reading

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Big Apple Food Adventures: Blogging!

It’s been an interesting experience food blogging in NYC. Certainly, when one is on holidays, one eats out a lot more, so there’s been a real opportunity to try all sorts of food, from the very elegant (Del Posto) to … Continue reading

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A word on food blogging

I met up with a few food bloggers for dinner on Friday night and have been reflecting a bit about food blogging. It’s been interesting lately. After I transferred my blog posts from eatability (bought out, turned into a crappy … Continue reading

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Pearson College’s The Nostalgia Project

For two years, I went to a tiny international college in Vancouver Island on a bay at the edge of the Pacific Ocean. The idea of the United World Colleges, as Pearson College was one of I think six at … Continue reading

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Goodbye to all that

It’s amazing how technology changes, and how technology changes us. After I got my website first set up, mainly to promote my books, I also decided to use it to share photos with friends, or strangers that came upon them. … Continue reading

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2016 in lists (art, books, entertainment, shows)

Concerts & Shows Defying Gravity, Theatre Royal: A collage of Stephen Schwartz with the composer on stage at the end of the show himself, it was really amazing to see top Broadway performers letting loose with these songs: Sutton Foster … Continue reading

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Sydney Food Diary and Bloggers’ Party @ Belle’s Hot Chicken

So ChocolateSuze and Helen at Grab Your Fork have been organising events for Sydney Food Bloggers for a while… and I’ve never made it to an event. So, off to Barangaraoo on a hot, sunny Sunday to meet some foodies, … Continue reading

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Spotlight on Racism against Asian-Americans

There seems to have been an interesting ‘moment’ happening in popular culture in the United States. I’m sure that this has nothing to do with the fact that the two Asian-American contestants on the latest season of the long-running TV … Continue reading

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How to live: Projections and shadows

In conversation with this guy I was dating for not more than a few months, I did my regular joke/not joke, in response to something he’d said. ‘Projeeeecting…’, I commented. To my surprise, he said, ‘I have no idea what … Continue reading

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Home cooking: Locomoco

The locomoco is a Hawaiian invention. It involves plain white rice (variation: Japanese white rice) with a burger patty on top (or two), and then a fried egg on top of that (or two), and over the whole thing: gravy. … Continue reading

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