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Home cooking: Locomoco

The locomoco is a Hawaiian invention. It involves plain white rice (variation: Japanese white rice) with a burger patty on top (or two), and then a fried egg on top of that (or two), and over the whole thing: gravy. … Continue reading

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The Sze Yap underachievers

I just finished reading Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers and came across a passage that struck me. His theory is that the cultures that cultivated rice paddies, as compared to other crops such as wheat, learned that their success depended not on … Continue reading

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Thor and Freyja Playing

Because there are not enough kittens on the internet:

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The Amazing Abtronic

Note: This is one of my most popular blog posts. People keep searching for it, and finding it. If you want to save some time, here’s the take-home message. This thing doesn’t work. Eat less or do some sit-ups. Whether … Continue reading

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My Dad’s Lawyer

At my mom’s 80th birthday, I ended up sitting next to my Dad’s old lawyer, let’s call him Uncle Kasra, an Indian-Canadian man of Farsi background with a beautiful wife and two dynamic daughters, who we saw from time to … Continue reading

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Christmas in Vancouver: Diaries

My father types: 09/12/12, Saturday: Eggs, portuguese sausage, raisain toastSunWiiFit 51 yearsFiddledLunchCracked filbertsTV lazed.Supper, Not much explanation is needed for strangers. Portuguese sausage is spicy and when heated, an orange oil rises up and coats the cut surface. It is … Continue reading

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Christmas in Vancouver: Tears

I wept as I said goodbye to my family at the end of my Christmas visit of nine days. As displays of emotion are rare for us, I hid the tears, not particularly well, turning away and wiping my eyes. … Continue reading

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Christmas Dispatch

A few days from Christmas. I’m sitting down with a California Sauvignon Blanc in a guesthouse down from my brother and sister-in-law’s place in Kaneohe, Hawaii. If I had gone home to Vancouver, it would have looked like this at … Continue reading

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