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Roman food adventures: Emma – Pizzeria con cucina, Campo de’ Fiori

A stone’s throw from Campo dei Fiore, we managed to find Emma’s ‘pizzeria con cucina’ and grab a table on the outside terrace. I think nearly every restaurant we went to in Rome offered the possibility of burrata as an … Continue reading

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French food adventures: Gandoyau at La Gargantua, Chinon, Loire Valley

So, we completely adored Chinon, where our dear friend R lived and worked many years ago. He recommended the restaurant at La Gargantua where he worked, and which apparently in his day was a pretty fancy place. Now, it seems … Continue reading

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Coffee in Paris: KB at the Beans on Fire, Bastille

So, boohoo, we left our cute AirBNB in Montmartre, where we were a stone’s throw away from South Pigalle, where we hung out at our favourite coffee place of this trip, KB. But fortune was smiling upon us. On the … Continue reading

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Food Diary: Ahgora, Glebe

Sometimes it’s a good thing to not know anything about the restaurant you’re going to. Usually, I’ll have done some research or read a review, but I’m a little out of the loop. So, when D & G recommended trying … Continue reading

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