Taking it to another level

On the same Sunday when the skies softened up with rain, fell apart in a sudden downpour and have now cleared to a two-colour swirl, a paintbrush of white cloud across the blue sky -6:30pm and it’s still so light out- I spent a few hours of the afternoon thinking about what to do with my writing. This year, I’d like to work on something significant. I’d like to put some effort into it. But I have no clear ideas yet what I want to do, what I will do.

I wonder if it’s just a matter of getting started: working on different projects, or simply writing until something takes shape. For some reason, I thought of my long neglected blog. I started it at the start of 2005, and managed to write 11 entries until it languished. I enjoyed some of the writing that I did but I was never sure of what to make of it. I wrote the entries in a voice that was meant to be heard by friends or a broader audience, but I never told my friends about it, and I never publicized the blog.

So, for no reason in particular, today, I will put a link up to this on my website – not in a prominent position, either under “writing” or “about me”, and so it changes the nature of this blog, in a small way. That perhaps I won’t be the only one reading it.

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