Sydney Food Diary: Yomie’s Rice x Yogurt 有米酸奶 | 金树店, Chinatown


Every single time I’ve passed by Yomie’s, there has been a line-up outside the door, and often, a long one. I could tell something was up, but had no idea what it was. I mean: what is a rice x yoghurt drink. Even now that I know (wait for it …), I can’t find on Google who came up with the idea and where it’s from. There are a few other similar food stalls around the world: in Singapore, in New Zealand. A blog post from Kuala Lumpur says that Yomie’s came FROM Australia to KL and is wildly popular. Other sources say that yoghurt-like drinks, like Yakult, have been popular in Asia for years, and this is the latest trend.

Still, a mystery.

In any case, after choosing the most popular flavour, yoghurt with purple rice, we waited while the drink was made up freshly on the spot, and put in a container, with a seal on the top, like you get for bubble tea, and then handed an overpackaged drink, with a plastic bag and a straw. And our drink wished us a Happy New Year, which I found charming. The cup said that the drink tastes best if you wait an hour, but who has the patience?

We dove in and, as described, it is sweet yoghurt drink that has bits of chewy purple rice in it that come up nice and evenly through the straw. It was quite delicious and we both liked it, probably enough to try more flavours, or go back to this one another time.

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