Sydney Food Diary: Pondol Selera, Chinatown

Oh, indecision, indecision. Walked back from Sydney Theatre Company, where I saw a preview of Sydney Dance Company’s Orb (wow, looks great, I’m going on Tuesday), and couldn’t decide where to eat. Home Thai had a line up as always outside. I suddenly thought of wandering into the Dixon Food Court, and very nearly had the famous ramen noodles from Gumshara, but I’d had instant noodles for lunch, and thought: too many noodles.

So, this place caught my eye. I mean, it looked like it could be hit and miss but there were other customers, and I thought: why not? I opted for the Indonesia Special Fried Rice (Nasi Goreng Khas). It took rather a long time, which I thought was a good thing, meaning they were making each component up fresh.

All in all, this was pretty delicious, homestyle cooking, a nice satay skewer, a fried egg that, when its yolk was broken, melded perfectly with the quite spicy fried rice. A few pieces of cucumber and a slice of tomato to contrast with the fried food, a few shrimp chips and a big chicken drumstick. Tasted like home cooking, humble, and way too much (look at that portion of rice). But quite delicious for something from a food court.

Pondok Selera Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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