Sydney Food Diary: Misfits, Redfern

Seems to be a few new places in Redfern, and I wanted to go somewhere I haven’t been before: Misfits sounded like a good option. The name reminds me of an old-fashioned gay bar, somewhat awkward and trying too hard.

So, the experience surprised me, climbing up the stairs at the side of the building, the large, stylish bar, with a restaurant area off in the back, almost no one there on a Sunday.

A good choice of wine and we got to try them before ordering a bottle (we went with the slightly aged chardonnay). And then: the food, which yes, did look more elevated than your usual pub fare, but it felt fine dining in quality, not fussy, but really, really good food. The surroundings, casual, felt like a mismatch but why not have great food at your local pub.

The salt and pepper calamari was elevated with charred lemon and a rather gorgeous blob of mayo. It’s hard to go wrong with croquettes. Not sure about serving both of them in paper bags but … whatever. The stuffed quail was rather lovely, and the roast carrots were a sophisticated combo.

The gnocchi was perhaps my favourite as it was unexpected. As only a part of dish with zucchini flowers and radish and fava beans, it certainly wasn’t a traditional plate of gnocchi in a gooey sauce, in fact the somewhat crispy gnocchi were almost hiding among the other ingredients, but not in a bad way. I thought the dish had a good balance.

Two starters, two mains and a vegetable (and a bottle of wine) was certainly enough for the two of us. Super-competent and friendly service. For me, this was a hit (terrible lighting for photos: sorry).

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