Sydney Food Diary: Anason, Barangaroo

  img_5830 Stunning modern Turkish food

I *almost* made it to Istanbul a while back where I hear there’s a food and restaurant revolution. So, having the opportunity to try modern Turkish food in Sydney was pretty exciting.

I would say, in fact, that any expectations were surpassed.

img_5828The pumpkin hummus was incredible, a bit of citrus tang.

The taramasalata was equally delicious. Love this dish.

img_5832I quite liked the salad, with werrigal greens, and beans and almonds and pomegranite. It seemed like a perfect, fresh and unusual combination. My hubby thought it needed more dressing.

The prawns were delicious: crisp and tasty, over a yummy mixture of almonds and saffron butter.

img_5835I also had a cocktail with raki (which tasted like ouzo) mixed with fino and red vermouth. Very nice. And I also was pretty excited that they offered a whole selection of Turkish wine. I opted for a dry white, which was almost savoury is was so dry. Interesting.

img_5833The eggplant bomb was pretty incredible. Melt in your mouth, and with the charred flavour from the skin being not just roasted but burnt.

img_5834And it’s a lovely location, with excellent service.

The only truly weird thing is that I felt, after the hummus and taramasalata (accompanied by delicious breads), like I’d burned a hole on the top of my tongue, as if I’d let a hot chili rest there too long. But there wasn’t anything spicy in these dishes. I complained to my better half about this… and he had the same thing only worse. His tongue was actually swelling up. What mysterious ingredient could this have been that we were allergic too. It was a bit unpleasant.

img_5829We headed off to the Sydney Dance Theatre afterwards (and our tongues settled back to normal on the way). A number of other reviews here seem to complain about the portion sizes, but we weren’t after a huge meal. I thought this place was pretty amazing. Two amazing restaurants next door to each other, Muum Maam and Anason: that’s a lot of good cooking in one place.

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