Sydney Food Diary: Alex ‘N’ Rolls, Marrickville

My friend Lai Heng (whose photos appear in this post) enthusiastically recommended that we take up the suggestion from this rave review in Broadsheet and head over to Alex ‘N’ Rolls to see if they really do have the best Banh Mi in Marrickville. Or Sydney even!

Che-Marie Trigg, the author of the article, describes them better than I could, but here’s to say: Yes. She’s right. These were uh-mazing.

Even getting them, standing in line, and then sitting at the small table, while the line continued was fun. I like eating somewhere where you know, because of the demand for the food, that it’s good.

I absolutely can’t believe that the sandwiches were only $6. This has got to be the best deal in town. Sydney’s expensive for food, drink and coffee, so $6 hardly gets you anything in most places, much less a delicious pork sandwich.

You can tell when they are making the sandwiches that they are pros at it, and that they take real care to get exactly the right amount.

The hit of chili was strong, but perfect. The pork was soooo delicious (choose between three kinds). The buns were crisp without being crumbly. The fresh vegetables and herbs: great.

What else can I say? Get there.

This is the first review I’ve done since before the COVID-19 lockdown. I think for my Zomato reviews, I’m going to give all the restaurants and cafes five stars until things stabilise. Any restaurant and cafe that is managing to stay open and serve customers at this time I think deserves the highest praise. And I’d give Alex ‘N’ Rolls five stars anyways!

Alex 'N' Rolls Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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